How To Join

  Any applying individual or group shall fill in a form provided by CDFA, the form is free of charge.  Each member shall pay to CDFA an annual, non-refundable membership fee as determined by the Executive Board once a year. By filling in this form and paying the membership fee, you will become a member of Chipata District Farmers’ Association (CDFA) and Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) effective 12 months from date of payment. 

Please come visit us at our office (location) to fill in the membership form.


New Individual:         k25,000
Renewal:                  k20,000
New Group:              k10,000 per person
Renewal:                  k10,000 per person


1.    General Meetings
Every year one Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held. The AGM shall be called for by the Chairman at least seven (7) days in advance with information on the date, time, agenda and venue of the meeting. All CDFA Council Members will be invited to the AGM although any member may sit and observe.

2.    Extraordinary Annual General Meeting
An extra ordinary Annual General Meeting may be called by the Executive Board or by any CDFA member who has the support of at least one third (1/3) of the membership

3.    Block Committee Meetings
There shall be regular (minimum quarterly) Block Committee meetings in each Block according to CDFA By-laws

4.    CDFA Council Meetings
The CDFA Council shall, apart from during the Annual General Meeting, meet when need arises. Meetings of the CDFA Council may be called for by any of the Block Committees with at least seven (7) days notice after agreement with the Executive Board Committee Secretary. Decisions in the CDFA Council shall only be made if a quorum is present.

5.    Executive Board Meetings
Executive Board meetings shall be held on a quarterly basis. Decisions in the Executive Board shall only be made if a quorum is present. Sub committees of the Executive Board may be constituted according to the CDFA By-laws.

6.    Special Executive Board Meetings
Special Executive Board meetings shall be called to attend to any unforeseen urgent matters