Organizational Structure

CDFA operates in the 8 agricultural blocks of Central, Western, Southern, Eastern, Chanje, Chankhadze, Chiparamba and Chitandika as demarcated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

In each block, CDFA has an 8 member block committee elected annually by fellow farmers. All the block committee members in the 8 blocks make up the 64-member council which is the highest decision-making organ of the Association.
During the Annual General Meeting, 2 members from each of the 8 block committees are elected to form a 16-member executive board who sit regularly to make policies for ratification by the highest decision-making organ, the council. The secretariat works closely with all levels of the structure to translate policies into day-to-day activities as coordinated by the District organizational Coordinator.
1.    General Membership
The general membership is made up of individual paid up members and affiliated paid up groups as stated in the CDFA by-laws. Individual members and individuals in affiliated groups each have a vote in Block Committee elections.
2.    Company or corporate membership
Companies or corporations whose business interests, in the opinion of the Executive Board, do not conflict with either the business or goals and objectives of CDFA may apply for membership as stated in the CDFA by-laws. They may elect up to two (2) representatives to sit on the CDFA Council and may, at the request of the Executive Board, be asked to sit as ex officio members of the Executive Board.
3.     Block Committees
Chipata District shall be geographically divided into a number of Blocks as stated in the CDFA by-laws. In each Block, a Block Committee shall be put in place by election among members of the Block. Block Committees will elect a Chair who will be a member of the Executive Board. Other roles in the Block Committee will be elected as stated in CDFA By-laws.

4.      CDFA Council
The full CDFA Council shall consist of the eight (8) Block Committee members from each Block. The CDFA Council shall consist of at least 1/3 women and 1/3 men. The CDFA Council is the highest authority of CDFA and is the body guiding and policing the Executive Board. If a decision taken by the CDFA Council contradicts a decision taken in the Executive Board the decision of the CDFA Council shall prevail.

5.      Executive Board
The Executive Board shall be made up from the Chairpersons of the Block Committees and one further member from each Block Committee who shall be elected by Block members on odd numbered years.
Up to two (2) ex officio members may also be agreed by the Executive Board. Any ex officio members do not have voting rights on the Executive Board.
The Executive Board shall consist of at least 1/3 women and 1/3 men.
The CDFA Council will elect the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Vice Secretary and Treasurer from the elected Executive Board according to CDFA by-laws..  
Any position falling vacant for any reason shall be managed within the Executive Board until re-election can take place at the next Block election. Should the vacancy be a senior position on the Executive Board, a re-election to that position will take place at the next CDFA Council meeting. 
The term of office for the Executive Board Members shall be for two years (2) years. Executive Board members may only stand for one (1) subsequent term.
The Executive Board roles, responsibilities and functions are stated in CDFA by-laws.

6.      The Secretariat
The Executive Board will employ the District Organization Coordinator who will be responsible to the Board in carrying out the day to day work of CDFA and ensuring that agreed Programs and Projects are delivered. With the agreement of the Executive Board (s)he may appoint staff to deliver agreed projects. The elected Secretary will supervise the activities of the Secretariat


It is expected that the Executive Board members are willing to allocate time without immediate benefits from CDFA. Basic literacy is likewise expected from the Executive Board members.

1.      Duties of the Chairperson
The Chairperson shall call and chair Executive Board meetings. The Chairperson shall ensure that CDFA is progressing and developing and shall avail him/herself at the office at least once per week. The Chairperson shall be the spokesperson for CDFA and represent CDFA at meetings with ZNFU, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, and other relevant institutions. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall bear these duties except in financial matters. In the absence of both Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson, these duties may be delegated to other Executive Board members. Where the representation comes to presence at information meetings in like-minded organizations, the Chairperson may delegate the full responsibility to other Executive Board members.
2.      Duties of the Secretary
The Secretary shall be an elected Board member of CDFA and is thereby in charge of the Secretariat. He/She shall avail him/herself at the office at least once per week to supervise the activities of CDFA. He/She shall be responsible for writing and keeping all records and minutes of CDFA. The Secretary may attend all meetings of sub-committees and working groups in consultation with the Chairperson. In the absence of the Secretary, the Vice-Secretary shall bear these duties.
3.      Duties of the Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial documents and records and shall submit financial reports to the Executive Board during quarterly- and general meetings. He/She shall bank the income of CDFA into the bank account of CDFA. A Financial Committee shall assist the Treasurer in these duties. The Treasurer shall be the chairperson in the Financial Committee.
4.      Duties of the Trustees
The Trustees shall be the watchdogs of CDFA in internal matters. The Trustees may, if need arises, call for a CDFA Council meeting, to sort out disputes or other issues. The Trustees shall act as advisors to CDFA and act as Chairperson in an ad hoc Disciplinary Committee if need arises. The Executive Board appoints the Trustees.
5.      Duties of the Commodity Chairpersons
The Commodity Chairpersons shall represent CDFA in their respective topics of interest as members of the corresponding committee in ZNFU. The Commodity Chairpersons shall be responsible for the carrying out of activities within the field of their commodity in consultation with the Executive Board and the CDFA Secretariat. The Commodity Chairpersons shall be found in either the Executive Board or in the CDFA Council during the Annual General Meeting or as soon as possible thereafter.